The right size

We have to be humble. We must be small. We think small is weak. It sounds meek. Meek sounds like cutting off limbs or cowering in a corner. But that is being small in an egoic way. Be small in a knowing way. We are small. Admit it, accept it and the whole world will bloom before you.

I learned this lesson one morning while looking out the window from my perch in the kitchen. If I swell up in size my perspective of life outside is reduced. The larger I loom the less I see. Being small gives me distance. I see more from afar. When you’re big you see an exaggerated detail. When you’re small you see an entire picture.

The beetle looks small on the rosebush. Our bodies look small in a blizzard. And we are small and the universe is infinite and that is fine. The more we acknowledge our true size the more life we are able to perceive. Don’t blow yourself up and squish your limited perspective onto a time, a place or a person. Step back, step down. Look at your feet there on the ground. Look up at the stars there in the sky. Realize your size, recognize the truth of your human body. It is miniscule, a bit of dandelion puff floating uncertainly in a never-ending sea of blue. Be small and be amazed. Be small and you will understand the cosmos.

Be small because you are small. You are a human bean. That is your size. It is a good size. It is the perfect size for a human bean to be. Be meek because you are so small, but don’t apologize, you are just the right size. Meek simply means you allow yourself to be in awe of the immenseness. Be small because you are. Be meek because you are so small and then be blown away by the beauty and wonder of it all.

Be at peace because you know your place in the perpetual puzzle. Be happy because you are part of the universe. One small piece, a tiny tidbit, and yet without you there would be a hole. Be small, be meek, you are but a man. That is your truth. Feel blessed to be one with the whole, to be whole in the one. The entire universe balances on your being.

If you blow yourself up you cannot see this truth. When your self-image is egoically distorted you will constantly be looking for your place without ever finding it. There is no place in the universe for a person who is not the right size.

Let the air out, come down to size, find the spot which is waiting just for you, for no one else but you. The perfect fit. Slip into your place in this world like a cold, lost foot into a warm, worn slipper. Your soul will sigh and say, ‘Home.’

And the universe will whisper gratefully, ‘Whole.’

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