Who are you?

I am here

not there

I am now

not then

I wear a suit of skin covered bones

but I am not it

I think with a lump of brain

but my thoughts are not me

Any produce I produce is devoid of myself

Lick and stick labels

hang medals, like a rope, around my neck

Say all that I am

but I am not in words

I am just me

Me without

the dressing

the distinctions

the distortions

the disillusions

Those details that cling to my suit of wrinkling gray armour

like mussels on a rock at sea

are not me

Nothing can be added

Nothing can be removed

And anything added or removed

is not me

Just debris on the temporary dwelling place

of my eternal me

What you see in me

is your perception

is you

not me

What you think about me

is your thought

is you

not me

When you can answer the question : Who are you ?

You will know me


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