Why come to this page ? What are you looking for ? What do you need to know ? I am merely a man just like you. I was born out of nowhere and will disappear into nothingness. Just like you. Today we are packaged in separate sets of skin and bones. Tomorrow we’ll dissolve back into nowhere (which is always everywhere). Who am I ? Just a you in a different pair of shoes.

If you need a picture here it is. In the morning before anyone else is awake I get up and go down to the kitchen. I prepare my coffee. It is quiet, just me and dawn. We sit tangled together in silence, stillness. I call it the space in between. I am always wearing my once white but now kind of gray, once fuzzy but now kind of scruffy, bathrobe and my red slippers. They too were once new. A little bit like me.

I always come down with my pen and pad. I never know what I’ll write. I let my pen do all the talking. And then the sky gets brighter. I begin to pick up sounds, the birds, the breeze, the rain, the train or maybe the garbage truck or my husband upstairs. (What ? Why is he getting up in my space ?! Then I hear the toilet flush and the bedroom door close. False alarm.) Now it is light, the day has begun. It is time for me to join the hustle and bustle of life in a body. The clock above the kitchen door sharply ticks at me as it sternly points to the hour. Brain is up and bellowing out today’s schedule. The to-dos, the top priorities, the better not forgets and the shameful you should’ves. Body abides as best he can. Stomach hurts (but there’s no time for complaints). I get ready to go, put on my shoes and walk bravely out into the brand new day. Just like you.

PS : We might bump into each other. I’m the one carrying a ‘I ♥ Darcy’ book bag.